Afgewerkte doctoraten

2018 MALFAIT Simon (Prof Dr Ann Van Hecke, Pof Dr Wim Van Biesen, Prof Dr Kristof Eeckloo)
Patient participation on nursing wards and the case of bedside shift report

24/apr/2015 DE REGGE Melissa (Prof Dr Paul GEMMEL - Prof Dr Philippe DUYCK)
Managing a changing health care environment Aligning hospital processes to the nature of care

21/feb/2014 TRYBOU Jeroen (Prof Dr Paul GEMMEL - Prof Dr Lieven Annemans)
Physician-Hospital Alignment: Economic, Administrative and Professional Aspects.

30/aug/2013 VERLEYE Katrien (Prof Dr Paul GEMMEL - Prof Dr Deva RANGARAJAN)
Ready for a Co-Creative Economy? Implications of Customer Engagement in Value Creation for High-Contact and Technology-Based Service Interfaces

Lopende doctoraten

DE POURCQ Kaat (Prom Prof Katrien Verleye, Prof Dr Paul GEMMEL)
Healthcare operations management