Afgewerkte doctoraten

24/apr/2015 DE REGGE Melissa (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Prof. dr. Philippe DUYCK)
Managing a changing health care environment Aligning hospital processes to the nature of care

21/feb/2014 TRYBOU Jeroen (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Prof. dr. Lieven Annemans)
Physician-Hospital Alignment: Economic, Administrative and Professional Aspects.

30/aug/2013 VERLEYE Katrien (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL - Prof. dr. Deva RANGARAJAN)
Ready for a Co-Creative Economy? Implications of Customer Engagement in Value Creation for High-Contact and Technology-Based Service Interfaces

Lopende doctoraten

DE POURCQ Kaat (Prom.: Prof. dr. Paul GEMMEL)
Healthcare operations management